EMONA TIMS Telecommunications

We are the sole agent of EMONA Instruments in Jordan and Plalestine. Below is an overview about EMONA Company.

EMONA manufactures a range of university & college level laboratory equipment & software for Telecommunications known as 'TIMS'.

TIMS, Telecommunications Instructional Modeling System, is laboratory teaching equipment for EE and EET students in wireless, telecommunications and signal processing courses.

TIMS has the distinction of being the only telecommunications lab equipment that can implement practically any form of modulation or coding – keeping pace with the rapid development of telecommunications theory.

TIMS provides hands-on experience in modeling telecoms theory to enhance understanding in the lab and uses a unique block diagram approach for building experiments.

Over 100 documented experiments in Telecommunications and Signal Processing can be built on TIMS. This covers virtually all current subject areas and can easily be extended to incorporate new topics as they arise. The robust quality of TIMS is suited to everyday student use and the open architecture of TIMS guarantees that your lab will still be relevant 10 years from now.

** TIMS-301 System:

The TIMS-301 BASIC SYSTEM comprises the core hardware components and documentation for a TIMS laboratory training system.

The system contains the TIMS-301 SYSTEM UNIT with its FIXED modules (lower rack) and 12-slot upper rack for plug-in modules.

And the PLUG-IN MODULES which comprises of a large range of single function building blocks. The professor choses the modules needed to suit each specific experiment setup and these are then reused in other experiment setups.

TIMS 301

The BASIC MODULE SET which includes 13 BASIC plug-in modules. Three sets of manuals are included: the TIMS-301 USER MANUAL, the TIMS LABSHEET EXPERIMENTS set and the five volume TIMS STUDENT TEXT.


** EMONA Biskit ETT-101

Multi-Experiment Single Board Telecommunications Trainer for Technical College and Technical High School Students

Using the ETT-101, students learn fundamental concepts by actually building telecommunications experiments at the block diagram level. Theory comes to life as they build the modulation and coding schemes in carefully guided steps, no complex math required

 With the ETT-101 students learn by trying “what-if” scenarios (and are free to make mistakes) to  investigate the telecommunications theory they learn in class.

TIMS Bisket

The ETT-101 accessories kit includes: 20 x stackable patch cords, User Manual, Experiments in Modern Analog and Digital Telecommunications Volume-1 and a 12V plug pack

For more information about TIMS Telecommunications produts and services please visit: http://www.tims.com.au/