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We are the sole agent of Celanx GmbH in Jordan. Below is an overview about Celanx Energizing Clean Tech.

Celanx is an international operating company providing custom-made CleanTech turn-key projects and consulting services to industrial, commercial and logistical companies for energy production.

Technical solutions for energy production from renewable energy sources are CleanTech to us, when they:

  • offer a fossil-free-feedstock production,
  • reduce CO2 emissions compared to fossil based technologies at least by 50%,
  • do not cause a waste problem after shutdown of operation.




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Celanx tailor our projects around their core values - Efficiency, Ecology and Economics - to offer superior solutions to industrial, commercial and logistical clients.

Investments in CleanTech have long-term character and we grant guaranteed long-term satisfaction.


SOLAR PV Solutions:

Celanx offers two integrated PV-series to provide proven CleanTech solutions.

  • All PV solutions are mounted on astronomic steered 2-axes suntracking systems.
  • The tracking system is installed on single pole with variable clearance.


Premium PV Systems

Standard PV Systems

Module efficiency > 19% per m2

Module efficiency 13 - 15 % per m2

Inverter efficiency > 97%

Inverter efficiency > 96%

High yield series

High cost-effective series

 Both solutions series can be offered as well with high local content (min 50%), to empower your local economy.

Guarantee solutions
Celanx PV solutions are offered with a product and performance guarantee. An approved maintenance concept can extend the guarantee of the sun-tracking systems up to 20 years, which offers an aligned guarantee concept of all important components.


WIND turbine Solutions:

 Celanx offers two Medium sized Windturbine series to provide proven CleanTech solutions.

  • All Windturbine solution are designed for at least Wind class IEC IIA
  • Easy logistics and realizable equipment demands characterize Medium sized Windturbines
  • The Windturbines are installed on steel tower enabling best integration with low foot print into the site

Consumer Scale

< 250 kWp

Utility Scale

< 2000 kWp

Back-to-Back Inverter Full Scale Converter

Low visual impact

Visual impact

Low Maintenance Easy maintenance


For more information about Celanx CleanTech solutions and services please visit: http://www.celanx.com/