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For hera Laborsysteme GmbH a stylish design is an important issue, but never with means of disadvantages to functionality.  

On the contrary, our product development constantly is focused on even more convenience for our customers, even more flexibility and absolute compatibility to existing products and of cause latest functional technology. Due to this policy we accompany many of our customers for a many decades.

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The high flexibility of our laboratory system bases on the big range of different products, which fit together to your unique workstation.

When launching new products we make sure it could be used universal within our system. For this reason it is ensured, that you could always enhance your existing workstation with any new components.  This fact makes you safe your money, as there is no need to replace your complete workstation because it is no longer up to date. 


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 For more information about Hera training solutions and services please visit: https://www.hera.de/en/home.html